About Us

A Tale of Our FashionPeople Estate

Once upon a time, there was a team of fashion experts who loved travelling and went on a road trip in India. This trip into the unknown horizons of diverse culture and art forms brought back the very foundations of a newbie couture wonderland in the state of Indiana North America. This is a tale, of our “FashionPeople” estate.
With immense love and compassion for fashion, FashionPeople today stages itself as a contemporary signature haute couture label which draws inspiration from your vanilla unpretentious everyday personal style.

Our aim of establishing FashionPeople
Is to earn up to become your “fashion soul sisters”! We are not a complicated set of mega structures. FashionPeople is a team of passionate fashion lovers and professional stylists who are inspired by all you fabulous women out there from all parts of the world.
Even though you are immensely complicated; you remain to be our muse for stylizing the “Simply Fashionable” you!
We love travelling all around the world and curate for you our creations that are designed and retrieved from the very authentic craftsperson at work.

FashionPeople brings to you
A simplistic, smart, comfy version of you that has a statement style to flaunt. We then create our most comfortable, vivid, vibrant boho fashion culture amalgamated into these chic looking apparels that define your style story in the most mystic way.

Our sole mission is
To present an array of upscale fashion with credible comfortable fabric, exquisite intricate handicrafts and exclusive prints at sterling prices, FashionPeople fashion apparel line is as exquisite as any other but at a worthy deal.

You ask how?
We at FashionPeople comply with removing all the middlemen involved in the process of importing by getting it right from the authentic manufacturers to right here on this online platform. We uphold the idea of making online shopping a more likeable option for each of you wonderful ladies with our marginally low prices.
Being in the rag trade runway industry the FashionPeople masterminds have always felt a need to give a world out of the ordinary that reveals evergreen fashion that you and I, we all can adorn.

FashionPeople is your
Creative vanguards of everyday pristine apparels which are classy upscale contemporary, adept with boho trends, with vibrant designs, and comfortable stylizing. We invite you, all to witness our euphoric combo of fashion that is white, black and everything in between at our very own fashion fairytale at the FashionPeople estate.

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